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Wuxi Yue Xuan Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd. Is located in beautiful wuxi, jiangsu province, the company since the establishment of professional committed to the fixture components, FA with automation products, die-casting machine, injection molding machine, punching machine and other quick die change system of sales, machine tool plant since 2009 has been to all parts of the country, molding machine factory, auto

parts production, the processing EMS, FA enterprise provides the high quality products and efficient service. As corporation KOSMEK China agent, formed with technology as the guide, service as guarantee sales model, we have a professional installation service team, carry forward the spirit of "customer service bears hardships and stands hard work is the first" to provide clients with comprehensive services.
In order to better serve customers, the company in dalian, tianjin, chongqing, have set up offices, really efficient service. Sincerity and innovation is our constant pursuit.

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keywords:Machine Tool Related Products For Injection Molding Machines For Press Machines FA.Industrial Robot Related Products For Diecast Machines
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